Safaris in Kenya Information Center

Kenya, the land where safaris were born. " The Cradle of Mankind". Travel from Kenya's central highlands west to The Great Rift Valley and its resident lakes, to the wold's second largest lake: Lake Victoria. The semi-arid northern frontiers, where rivers provide lifelines to wild animals and pastoral tribes. South to Amboseli's spectacular Mt Kilimanjaro towering over wildlife. Than east to Kenya beach at the Indian Ocean's warm blue waters. Kenya is a land of untouched splendor.

Kenya safaris are designed for holiday seekers who explore Kenya's wildlife and awe inspiring landscapes. On a safari you get to travel across savannas, witness the seventh wonder of the world: Masai Mara Great Migration. Discover Kenya's Big Five: elephant, buffalo, leopard, lion, a  plethora of plains game and amazing bird life. Discover Kenya's searing deserts, rain forests, rhino's, mountains, beaches, remote tropical islands, ancient ruins and Kenya's lively cultures.

Kenya Safaris are customize-able to fit your preferred safari itinerary to tailored safari tours

Safari with zebras